Newburgh’s Rivertown Trail

This trail was a classic case of ‘build it and they will come!’  The three-mile path stretches from  west of town, at the intersection of Indiana
662 and Yorkshire Road, to the Newburgh Locks & Dam east of town.  It travels right through the heart of downtown
Newburgh along its riverfront, with restaurants and coffee shops along the way
and a farmers’ market on Saturdays.
There’s a spur off the trail up Indian Hill to Overlook Park, providing
a great view of the locks and dam.  A
unique feature of this trail is that it makes use of a city street, which has
been converted to accommodate one-lane, one-way traffic on half the road while
walkers and bicyclists use the other half.
It’s a practical, economic approach that works!  Plans are to extend the trail 1.85 miles west
to Angel Mounds, where it could connect to a trail from Evansville.  All that’s needed is the money to build it.

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