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Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Public Input-

July 10, at a time and location to be determined, Alta consultants will lead a public input visioning session to receive improvements ideas from interested residents.

July 11, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Alta consultants will be at the downtown Evansville Farmer’s Market to distribute surveys and information about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Plan.






May 14, 2014

For Immediate Release

City Receives Bicycle Friendly Community “Honorable Mention”


– In celebration of National Bike to Work Week, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke is pleased to announce the City of Evansville has received an Honorable Mention from the League of American Bicyclists in its first attempt to become a designated Bicycle Friendly Community. The League’s Bicycle America program recognizes efforts to make bicycling a viable option for transportation and recreation for all people.

“Receiving an Honorable Mention as a Bicycle Friendly Community means the League of American Bicyclists consultants and cyclists believe our city is on the right path toward making biking and walking safer,” said Mayor Winnecke. “It is particularly gratifying that the recognition was announced less than six months after the local Bicycle Friendly Task Force was established and made obtaining Bicycle Friendly status one of its top goals.”

Drew Hays, chairman of the Mayor’s Bicycle Friendly Task Force, said he is pleased and pleasantly surprised the city received an Honorable Mention in its first attempt. A letter from the League of American Bicyclists said with a few additional improvements the city could earn a Bicycle Friendly Community award in the future.

“We need to build off this momentum,” Hays said. “In July, the Task Force will receive the league’s feedback report for our city that will provide numerous suggestions for much needed improvements in infrastructure, policy, education, law enforcement and planning. The Task Force will then begin identifying the recommendations that may be easily implemented and those that may be more challenging yet worthwhile to make our city more bicycle friendly. ” 2

Bicycle Friendly Task Force member Roberta Heiman used the opportunity to raise awareness about Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 16.

“Our goal is to promote bicycling as a viable mode of transportation in Evansville and for all to consider the benefits from biking,” said Heiman. She offered, “Such as a more active lifestyle, less traffic congestion and a healthier community. We want to encourage people to leave their cars at home for the day and ride their bikes to work.”

Heiman said employers bicycling teams can register on the Evansville-area Trails Coalition website at:

A full list of Bicycle Friendly Communities and the additional 28 Honorable Mentions is available on the League of American Bicyclists website at:


January 15, 2014

I am pleased to announce the Evansville-area Trails Coalition‘s Board Members for 2014:

Patty Balbach
A.C. Braun

Dwayne Caldwell
Barb Dykstra
Dan Engelbrecht
Susan Haislip
Roberta Heiman
Paul Jensen
Don Jones
Fred Padget
Anne Statham
Matt Wagner

I am excited and privileged to work with such a passionate, dynamic, and talented group!

Drew Hays, Executive Director



November 19, 2013

Mayor Winnecke Creates Bicycle Friendly Community Task Force

ETC approached Mayor Lloyd Winnecke about pursuing a Bicycle Friendly Community designation and he has created a task force to take on this endeavor!

News Release – Bicycle Friendly Community Task Force 11.18.13

Here is the content from the above link:
November 19, 2013

Contact: Ella Johnson-Watson
For Immediate Release
Mayor Announces Bicycle Friendly Community Task Force
Group to seek “Bicycle Friendly Community” status for City of Evansville
(EVANSVILLE, IN) – Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announces the appointment of a Bicycle Friendly Community Task Force. The Task Force is responsible for identifying and creating opportunities to make Evansville more bicycle-friendly and ultimately earn a coveted Bicycle Friendly Community designation from the League of American Bicyclists.
Bicycle-friendly improvements can benefit communities and residents by improving road safety, increasing mobility, promoting health and fitness, positively impacting economic development and enhancing the quality of life.
“People can choose to live and work anywhere, and we are in competition with other cities whether we like it or not,” Mayor Winnecke said. “In talking to young professionals, they want to live in places where they can be active, ride their bikes and feel safe. Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community is an opportunity for us to increase our amenities and attract and retain professionals of all ages.”
Evansville-area Trails Coalition Executive Director Drew Hays said bicycle-friendly improvements are about systems change and not spending a lot of money.
“By going through the application process the Task Force will be able to identify opportunities for change: Where does it make sense to put in a bike lane, extend the Greenway, or build complete streets designed for automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians,” said Hays. “Systems change requires community leadership and stakeholders in city government to get the job done. That is the role of the Bicycle Friendly Community Task Force.”
The Bicycle Friendly Community Task Force Members are: Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, City of Evansville; Lana Abel, Department of Metropolitan Development; Kat Belsito, Adaptive Bicycles for Evansville; Mary Jo Borowiecki, Vanderburgh County Health Department; Cris Cottom, City Engineer Department; Dan Engelbrecht, Evansville-Area Trails Coalition; David Enzler, University of Southern Indiana; Ramona Harvey, Adaptive Bicycles for Evansville; Drew Hays, Evansville-Area Trails Coalition; Roberta Heiman, Evansville-Area Trails Coalition; Paul Jensen, Evansville-Area Trails Coalition; Denise Johnson, Evansville Parks Department; Curt Jones, Evansville-Area Trails Coalition; Don Jones, University of Evansville; Erin Mattingly, Metropolitan Planning Organization; Natalie Rascher, Deaconess Hospital; Scott Riley, EVSC, Retired; Detective Jack Spencer, Evansville Police Department; and Skyler York, Department of Metropolitan Development.
The Bicycle Friendly Community Task Force is currently collecting information and data required for the application process due in February 2014. The League of American Bicyclists will assess the application and provide specific suggestions for Evansville to create improvements that, upon completion, will earn a Bicycle Friendly Community designation.

EMPO Projects

Two projects were added to the EMPO 2013 – 2016 TIP (Transportation Improvement Program).  Both are “ROAD DIET” projects, reducing the number of lanes on an urban street from 4 to 3 while maintaining the travel times along the corridor.  The middle lane becomes a dedicated left-turn lane and the outer lanes become wider (reference Lincoln Avenue between Rotherwood and Hebron).  These programs have been shown to increase automobile safety while also allowing space on the road for cyclists and a safer route on sidewalks for pedestrians.  The two streets identified for these projects are Covert Avenue from US 41 east to the Warrick County line at I-164 and Weinbach Avenue from the Lloyd south to Pollack.  Preliminary engineering will begin in 2014 with completion by 2016.  Of the new project proposals, these two scored the highest on the MPO’s rating system.

 The Warrick bus service (WATS) will purchase four bike racks for their transit vehicles in 2014.

Also attached are the lists of potential projects for public transportation and for roadways.